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Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey Glasses


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Rikke Hagen has once again designed an exclusive glass for Normann Copenhagen – one that combines elegance, pleasure and function in a simple, Nordic design.

Whisky conveys an elegant expression, and the entire experience revolves around how you hold the glass in your hand. Aroma, temperature and volume all come together and the wide opening completes the indulgence.

Rikke Hagen explains:”Just like the Cognac glass I have designed, my inspiration for the Whisky glass stems from my passion for collecting stones on the beach. The act of playing with stones in one’s hand in a serene, meditative movement can be summed up in a functional and aesthetic design. The curve at the bottom provides a natural grasp for the glass, and the little bubble elegantly elevates the ice cubes like little ice blocks.”

Rikke Hagen’s glass series for Normann Copenhagen complements any bar cabinet with glasses for Cognac, Liqueur and Whisky.

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Do these glasses come with the whiskey?

No, unfortunately not.

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